If you have a 3D Printer, you can help your health professionals by printing useful items that however small, will aid in the fight against this awful virus.

It’s is worth mentioning that it would be prudent to make sure your item can be used before printing, it would be a real shame to spend time and resources making something that couldn’t be used.
So I decided to join a crowd scheme –
You volunteer here and then you are invited to create a “Slack” account.
Slack is a forum with a section on PPE relating to Covid-19 and lots of helpful people able to give advice on 3d printing issues.

I decided on two items, printing firstly the Prusa deigned Face Visor.
Their web page and Visor download details can be found here.

And secondly I have chosen to make the following mask support,

When wearing surgical masks for long periods of time, the elastic rubs on the back of the ears and they become very sore, this gizmo will stop that from happening. I am using an Ultimaker 2+, PLA Filament and printing 6 at a time. With a fast render, each batch of 6 takes around 2 hours.

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