ESM/YT international
1/5 scale 32cc BF-109E Kit Bash

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an ESM Bf-109e kit which I had been after for some time.
I disliked the livery that it was in and wanted some airbrush and marking practice for the Vampire so decided to change it, results below.

Other mods included but were not limted to: Binning the plastic wheel wells and lining them with balsa and glass cloth, replacement of the elevator pushrod and redesign of the linkage, updated hardware, squeezing in a DLA 32, addition of a scratch built drop tank pylon, addition of an esm fw-190 drop tank (with the retract air tank hidden inside) and the replacement of the esm retract spool valve and fill valve with quality Robart items.

Since the pics were taken she has had a flat clearcoat and some small additional details like aerials etc. She was initially clear coated with Aerokote flat clear which failed to properly set, stayed sticky and was as gloss as a gloss thing. Do NOT risk using Aerokote on your models, the mix ratios are vauge differing between those on the hardener, clearcoat and via the mfr, none of them work. A realy crap product....spend a little cash and get some automotive two pack flat clear and some long thinners (I use lessonal or PPG) and have it mixed with flatting powder to 100% flat. It goes off solid and sets like armour plate over the time consuming paint job underneath. I sprayed it at high pressure to enable me to avoid having use thinners and risking reaction with the aerokote rubbish. If you brush it on, mix it with the long thinners to retard the drying time a bit as it will go off fast.

I have now modified the 109 by removing the unreliable DLA 32 and replacing it with a Syssa 30. I have also added an instrument panel (pics to follow) and Sierra Precision retracting undercarriage. I enlarged the wheel wells to be able to take the ESM or YT rubber wheels with aluminium hubs. These are far better than the foam tyres which were supplied. Dry weight is now a shade over 11kg and I am using an 18x8 prop. I have moved the c of g backwards from the test flight point of 95mm to 105mm and this has made it a very nice flyer indeed despite her being over 4kg overweight.

Please excuse the proken prop, a cross wind and
gusty conditions heralded a rather rude arrival.








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