Radio controlled Wessex MkII

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The following pages shall illustrate a build log of an radio controlled Westland Wessex helicopter in 1:11th scale.

Following the issues with my 26cc gasoline 1:5th scale bell 47G and the nause
of trying to set the engine up in the 40'c+ OAT coupled with the dodgeyness
of storing gallons of mixed fuel in the appartment out here, I have decided
to try and use an electric power system for this one.

This Fuselage has been hand made by Gavin of Flaggon Creek helis in New Zealand. This is Gavin's first attempt at making a fuselage and the result is already better in quality and layup than even the better known manufacturers. Gavin has made this Wessex Fusalage as a limited edition of six copies. Some have been made as Mk1s and a couple as MkIIs. My preference is for the MkII and so here it is. As you can see the quality of the woodwork and associated parts are exceptional

The surface detail is less than would be seen on a larger model due to the fact that on smaller helis one must balance the weight gain of the scale detailing with the day to day flyability of the heli. As the scale detail increases, the weight also increases, and results at this size in a heli that can be struggling to get airborne without overpitching let alone fly well. Scale detail also results in a model that is easilly damaged when flown from regularly, so the more noticable features of the Wessex shall be added as I go along and the remainder left off. As far as individual rivets, fastners, servicing points etc these will be left for the bigger helis like 1/4 and 1/5th scale where the power margin is that much greater.

The metal fully sprung undercarriage and tail wheel is also hand made from aluminium stock with nothing more than a steady hand and a die grinder.

The mechanics that shall be employed are those of the tried and tested T-rex 600ESP. The ESP is an electric version of the .50 sized ic powered T-rex 600n. The stock T-rex is designed to be powered by a 6s lipo set up. This 6s means 6 lithium polymer battery cells connected in series, and each cell being 3.7v makes a battery pack voltage of 22.2vdc. Now this is ok for general sport flight with a light pod and boom heli, but for lugging a scale fus around and driving the four bladed head and tail rotor that shall be feature of this Wessex, it is not much cop. I am therfore upgrading the motor, speed controller and batteries. I shall be running two 5s lipo packs of 5000mah giving a pack voltage of 37vdc at 5000mah which shall reduce the current required to perform a given amount of work.








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