Turbomeca Palas
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Terrafirma gen':

In 1950 this engine was priced at £3,800 Sterling
Using both the Retail price index and the GDP deflator,
that equates now to between £97,546.32 and £97,864.07
Which then converted to "Terrafirma-cash" is around about
a Kebab and call it quits

SFC: 1.13 lb/lb thrust/hr
Oil consumption: 0,40 lb/hr
Pwr / weight ratio: 2.20 lb thrust / lb weight
Jet efflux velocity ISA: 1550fps (470mps)
Engine mounted 24vdc 350 amp electric starter
Twin plug high tension ignition system
350lbs Static thrust @ 34500rpm

The architecture of this engine is as follows:

Single stage centrifugal compressor, single stage axial flow turbine.
Single piece aluminium alloy air intake casing with both radial and axial
diffusers. Single entry aluminium alloy compressor mounted onto a stub
shaft which is bolted to the front of a tubular main shaft, to the rear end
of which the turbine rotor is bolted. The rotating assembly is supported
in a single ball trust bearing ahead of the compressor and a single roller
bearing aft of the turbine rotor. The pressure ratio is 4.0:1 and the
mass flow is 7.0lbs/sec at 34,000rpm. The combustion chamber is fully
annular featuring a circumferential slot in the inner liner through
which the fuel is injected from nozzles in the rotor shaft.
The turbine features a steel casing with hollow, fabricated nozzle guide
vanes.The turbine rotor with integrated blades is attached by through
bolts into the rear of the flanged rotor shaft. Turbine inlet temperature
at ISA is 850'c and the turbine outlet temperature is 640'c.
The exhaust employs a fixed area nozzle the inner cone of which is threaded
into the rear bearing housing utilising a large diameter thread cut around
its periphery. The control system is fully manual, only employing a rudimentary acceleration control system, overspeed limiter and proportional altimetric
mixture adjustment (manifesting itself as a reduction in rotational speed
for a given fuel flow as altitude increases).

Should anyone have any information on the Palas engine, pictures, manuals, literature, parts, tooling etc. I would be most interested to hear from you.

A beautiful Fouga Sylphe III, Turbomeca Palas power
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